"50 Years of Hip Hop: A Cultural Legacy in Motion"

Hip Hop, oh Hip Hop, how you've grown,

From the Bronx to the world, your voice has shone.

Fifty years young, but your spirit's so old,

Your beats, your rhymes, never losing their hold.


You gave a voice to the voiceless, a mic to the meek,

A rhythm to the rhythmless, a beat to the beatniks.

You told our stories, our struggles, our dreams,

You made us proud of our roots, our cultures, our scenes.


From LL Cool J to Kendrick Lamar,

From Public Enemy to Cardi B so far,

You've taught us to rise up, to speak up, to be,

To fight for what's right, to stand tall, to be free.


You've influenced the world, from Tokyo to France,

From Rio to Cape Town, your power takes a stance.

You've broken barriers, transcended borders,

Your message of hope, a world out of disorder.


Hip Hop, oh Hip Hop, you're more than just a sound,

You're a movement, a culture, a way to astound.

You're a language, a rhythm, a beat of the heart,

A soulful expression, of human art.



-  Lady Australia Lawrence

  (May 8, 2023)